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Wilden Lightfoot

Responsible For :

Digital Sculpt

  • Created a 3D Sculpture of Dewdrop based on the 2D design approved for the film.


  • 3D Modeled the Face and Body and designed the character topology for animation deformation.


  • Built the character rig for animation posing 

  • Designed character articulation through a series of weight object and pose sculpts for clean deformations

Character Role

Wilden Lightfoot is an elf in the 2020 Pixar animated feature film, Onward. He is the father of Ian and Barley Lightfoot, and the husband of Laurel Lightfoot. Though he passed away by an unspecified illness when Barley was a toddler and before Ian was born, he left his sons a staff and a spell he wrote to bring him back for a day when Ian turns 16 years old so that he could see what they had become. Wilden Lightfoot was an unconfident young elf who eventually grew to be a much bolder and easygoing man. He attended Willowdale College where everyone took notice of his colorful personality and the kinky purple socks he would wear every day (according to his aside college friend Gaxton). Later on Wilden became an accountant just before he met, dated, and eventually happily married Laurel and then had their first son with her, Barley. A few years later, Wilden suffered a sudden illness just as Laurel was pregnant with their second son, Ian. According to Laurel, Wilden fought the sickness as hard as he could so that he can meet his second son but the sickness won. So before his passing, Wilden found a visitation spell and asked Laurel to give their sons a gift (which turned out to be a wizard staff) when they are both over 16 so they both can bring him back for a day and see what they have become. He appears as an unfinished pair of legs and goes on a quest with Ian and Barley.

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