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Pixie Dusters

Responsible For :

Digital Sculpt

  • Created a 3D Sculpture of Dewdrop based on the 2D design approved for the film.


  • 3D Modeled the Face and Body and designed the character topology for animation deformation.


  • Built the character rig for animation posing 

  • Designed character articulation through a series of weight object and pose sculpts for clean deformations

Character Role

The Pixie Dusters are a gang of hostile motorcycle sprites in Disney\Pixar's 2020 animated feature film, Onward. They are a group commanded by their leader Dewdrop. They are shown to be aggressive to anyone who they encounter. Despite their diminutive size, they are able to ride their motorcycles perfectly. The Pixie Dusters are first seen parking their motorcycles as the Swap Gas (Gas Station) where Ian, Barley and their father witness them assaulting an innocent customer who was unaware or them, causing him to drop his soda. Upon entering, the Pixie Dusters swarm the retail market just as Ian, Barley, and their father walk past them. As Ian notices Dewdrop angrily talking to his late father, the elf brothers and their father manage to escape after paying the storekeeper to avoid getting into a brawl. Meanwhile, Barley argues with Dewdrop about the Pixie Dusters' inability to fly just as Ian and Barley's father topples over the Pixie Dusters' motorcycles. Just as Ian and Barley escape via Guinevere, the Pixie Dusters chase them across the freeway via motorcycles just as they end up ambushing them. Trying to lose the Pixie Dusters, Dewdrop summons the other Pixie Dusters to take down the elf brothers and their father to which Ian activates the air conditioner, blowing some of the sprites away. While continuing to chase them, the Pixie Dusters crash into sand barrels, causing them to fly again as the elf brothers and their father escape from the Pixie Dusters.

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