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Giulia Marcovaldo

Responsible For :

Digital Sculpt

  • Created a 3D Sculpture of the Deanna Marsigliese character design


  • 3D Modeled the Face and Body from a shared topology for animation deformation.


  • Built the character rig for animation posing 

  • Designed character articulation through a series of weight objects and pose based sculpts for clean deformations

Character Role

Giulia Marcovaldo is an outgoing and charming adventurer with a love of books and learning. She only spends summers in Portorosso, so she hasn't cultivated many friendships, which makes her the main target of the Portorosso bully. But when two new kids show up who clearly need an ally, Giulia is more than happy to oblige – especially when they agree to team up with her in a local race she desperately wants to win

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