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Gabby Gabby

Responsible For :

Digital Sculpt

  • Created a 3D Sculpture of the Jason Deamer's character design.


  • 3D Modeled the Face and Body from a shared topology for animation deformation.


  • Built the character rig for animation posing

  • Designed character articulation through a series of weight objects and pose based sculpts for clean deformations

Character Role

Gabby Gabby is a pull-string talking doll from the 1950s. But unfortunately for her, a manufacturing defect in her pull-string voice box has left her sounding anything but adorable. She has spent more than 60 years forgotten in the depths of a jam-packed antique store—her only companions are a band of voiceless ventriloquist dummies. Gabby Gabby knows someone will want her if only she can find a working voice box to repair hers.

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