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Carney Folk

Responsible For :

Digital Sculpt

  • Created a 3D Sculpture of the Jason Deamer's character design


  • 3D Modeled the Face and Body from a shared topology for animation deformation.


  • Built the character rig for animation posing 

  • Designed character articulation through a series of weight objects and pose based sculpts for clean deformations

Character Role

The carnival is one of the key locations where Buzz Lightyear tries to find Woody and Forky. The carnival includes carnival games, notably Star Adventurer, and carnival rides from roller coasters to Ferris wheels. One of the carnival workers in the movie is Axel, who is depicted as lazy, antisocial, and uninterested in his job. Axel is first seen coming out of a porta-potty when he spots Buzz Lightyear on the ground next to him. Thinking it’s a lost toy, he puts Buzz up as a prize on his game.

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